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A “mics” of tradition, reinterpretation, and invention in pizza-making and typical Roman cuisine.

The innovative MICS formula was born from the idea of a Roman restaurateur who, thanks to his great creativity and a keen eye for the tastes and trends of the market, became a forerunner and an inspiration for some of the new Roman culinary trends.

An idea and a meeting giving birth to a new philosophy…

Delicious ready-to-eat dishes that arise from innovative flavour combinations and contrasts, following the Roman gastronomic tradition.

Original shapes and combinations, as well as a great attention to detail, all presented and served with an eye to the tenets of Food Design.

Small is nice! The size of the dishes has been reduced to remain in line with the idea of “tasting” – at MICS, the food is shared among the guests and the meal becomes synonymous to conviviality!

Starting from the traditional Italian and international dishes and transforming them in new “Fusion” dishes.



We are open 7 days a week – dinner only on Saturdays.

MICS gives you a free hour of parking space at the PASUBIO PARKING, via Bonnet 2!